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Back Pain, Neck Pain and Sports Injury Specialist

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36 Oakview,

Tralee, Co. Kerry



I find Eddie to be very professional, knowledgeable,

-- Leanne McCarthy (Tralee)

Division 1 & Interpro rugby player and triathlete.

I have found Eddie to be an excellent physiotherapist when I visited him.

-- Marcus Howlett (Tralee)

Race Director of the Tralee International Marathon and co-founder of Born to Run marathon club.

I regularly refer clients to Eddie because I have been so satisfied with the service he provides myself,

-- Craig Cifford (Castlemaine)

Manager at Gym Castlemaine.

We have found Eddie O Grady to be a huge benefit to both ourselves and our clients. We happily refer our clients and members to Eddie for physiotherapy.

-- Shane Finn & Mark Evans

Owners & Operators of West Kerry Fitness, Dingle, Co. Kerry
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Physiotherapists in Tralee

Physiotherapists in Tralee

Physiotherapists in Tralee

A physiotherapist or physical therapist evaluates your condition with the aim of identifying the source of your discomfort or dysfunction. This is achieved using specific orthopedic tests, postural analysis and also through a highly developed sense of touch. The therapist can then develop a treatment program. Physiotherapy treatment techniques help to remove tension and restrictions within the body encouraging structural and physiological harmony. Physiotherapists and physical therapists work with the body to facilitate the healing process and restore proper function. Treatments used at the clinics in Tralee and Dingle, Co. Kerry are based on best evidence practice from studies by leading Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists and osteopaths.

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