Eddie O’Grady is also a qualified nutritionist with an honors degree from University College Cork. He believes that good nutrition and a healthy body go hand in hand .

“My goal as a qualified professional is to provide you with the scientific facts, helping you to improve your athletic performance, gain/lose weight healthily and effectively while keeping your diet as balanced and as appetising as possible”

At both our Tralee and Dingle clinics, Eddie aims to educate patients on the benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet, and provides advice, support and guidance for those who wish to

  • Lose weight
  • Gain weight
  • Improve their health
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Plan long term nutrition
  • Nutritional advice is particularly helpful for those who may be coping with a diet related medical condition or those having sensitivities to certain food types.

    Eddie O’ Grady (BSc.Hons) Nutrition – Weight Management

    Eddie’s approach to weight management encompasses the long-standing advice of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. “Fad diets” benefit no one in the long term and can in fact be counterproductive leading to increased weight gain later and nutritional deficiencies. All of our weight management programs are tailored to your body and lifestyle and will yield healthy long lasting results if followed correctly.

    Nutrition and Sport

    “Athletes often have unproven supplements recommended to them that do not benefit performance, but instead just cost them money”. Learn the truth.

    Please contact Eddie on (086) 7700191 to arrange your first 1-hour nutrition consultation. Price: €100.00.

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