Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist in Tralee - Restless Legs Syndrome  Restless legs syndrome(RLS) is a nervous sy ....

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Physiotherapists in

Physiotherapists in Dingle, Co.Kerry - The Long Term Effects Of Poor Posture Kyphosis is curvatur ....

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Physio in

Physio in Tralee - Foot Pronation and Supination Explained [caption id="attachment_1537" align="al ....

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Physical Therapists

What causes  a bone spur? Review by Physical Therapists in Tralee Physical Therapists in Tralee ....

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Posterior Impingement

Posterior  Impingement  Syndrome(Ankle) - Physiotherapy Posterior ankle impingement is a condit ....

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Shin Splints

''Shin Splints'' - Which Type Have You ? ''Shin splints'' is a catch-all term for shin pain either o ....

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