Physical therapists

Hello, I am Eddie O' Grady, one of several degree qualified physical therapists in Tralee. I am a me ....

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Hammer Toes

 Hammer Toes Hammer toes and mallet toes are foot deformities that occur due to an imbalance in ....

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Poor Posture

Phones, laptops, reading in bed – Posture related consequences The increasing time we are spend ....

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Physio in

Physio in Tralee : Overview of Ankle sprain treament : When people go over on their ankle mostly the ....

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Bicep Tendon

Bicep Tendon Tears - Physical Therapist in Tralee Bicep tendon tears assessed and discussed by phys ....

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Eccentric Training

Physiotherapists in Tralee - Overview of Eccentric Weight Training   [caption id="attachmen ....

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