Physio in Tralee : Overview of Ankle sprain treament : When people go over on their ankle mostly they just strain the surrounding muscles and ligaments, as opposed to tearing the ligaments. If you manage to tear the ligaments in the ankle, usually you will hear a massive crack like a tree branch breaking. Probably the biggest problem with an ankle injury is the amount of swelling that occurs. Even with a small twist there can be considerable swelling which slows recovery. It is important to limit that swelling as much as possible. As soon as the injury happens gently compress the area, ice it, rest it and elevate it. Often professional clubs will use a cold compression boot specifically made for this purpose. Non steroid anti-inflammatories need to be taken as soon as possible, unless contraindicated. The more you can keep that swelling down, the faster the recovery.

Treatment by a physio in Tralee for an ankle sprain involves 1. Massage to get down the inflammation/swelling and aid repair of any traumatized supporting muscles 2. Mobilizations of the ankle and foot 3. A progressive rehab program. Treatments rarely takes more than 2 or 3 sessions. A lot of the recovery process are rehab exercises prescribed by the physiotherapists and done by the client themselves. Fortunately there are many supporting ligaments within the ankle, so with only one or two tearing it is still possible to make a full recovery without surgery. I do however recommend wearing an ASO ankle brace during sporting activities thereafter so as not to have a recurrence of the injury.

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