Trapped Nerve

Nerve related conditions can occur in all ages and they are not limited to just athletes or manual workers. We have found that conditions such as sciatica and trapped nerves affect a large number of our client base and as such this is not a condition that discriminates.

The pain emanating from nerve disorders can be both debilitating and emotionally distressing and we fully understand the need to reach out and do whatever is necessary to alleviate this burden. Nerve disorders can be usually beresolved with the right care and attention from a qualified professional, and here at the Eddie O’Grady Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist Clinic in Tralee we do just that.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions below, then you could be the perfect candidate for one of our many successful treatment programmes for nerve related conditions.

Sciatica – Nerve pain emanating from the back, most often felt in the buttock area or in the back of the leg.

Nerve Entrapment – If left untreated, this can lead to nerve pain, numbness, tingling and a burning sensation along the pathway of the nerve.

Disc Disorders – Again linked to nerve pain and can cause a burning sensation, pain and tingling.

Nerve Damage – Damage to nervous tissue, which can often present as weakness, pain, tingling or burning sensations, numbness and lack of function.

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