Heel Pain - Custom Orthotic


Material: Polypropylene

Process: Semi Custom

Control Level: 6

A semi-custom orthotic that’s part of our Castaway system. This device is perfect for patients who suffer with any form of heel pain. It’s uniquely designed to reduce heel pain through the incorporation of an innovative PPT TM heel plug to help absorb shock and offer blissful pain relief.

  • Standard shell.
  • Hole cut in heel.
  • Extrinsic rearfoot post.
  • 6mm PPT TM heel plug.
  • 6mm PPT TM heel cushion.
  • Choice of short length top covers.


Shell: Polypropylene

Top Cover: Ultra Vinyl

Mid Layer: N/A

Heel Post: EVA

Base Plate: Polypropylene

Some aspects of the device can be customised to your specific needs.